Friday, July 21, 2006

Nigerian Movie: Highway to the grave

(Nigerian accent)
So this guy is driving a benzino in the streets of Lagos in Niga and drives by and stops by this stunning woman in a tight up red dress, and stops to pick her up, and she jumps in the zino....

Man: ah baby, you look, gorgeous and........ glorious
Woman: (hehe)
M: What is your name?
W: Soniya
M:Ooh la la, So-ni-ya!!! Beautiful name you've got there.........I tell you something baby, you are a paragon of beauty, I must tell you that your sexy and sensuous......... As a matter of fact I am captivated and magnetized by your rather rapacious gaze??!!
They both laugh (and so did I)
M: see you absolutely make my day!

At this point of the movie I;m ROFLOL, (Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud-thanks flex), I got this DVD CD from a friend which has like 4 Nigerian movies, so I chose this one first called Highway to the grave.

So like a typical Niga movie, its got witch craft and n'anga's and all.
ladies wouldn't be happy with this next bit though, The Devil was portrayed as a Woman...............(ohhhhhh that's a whole new blog)
(end blog)
God is Love

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